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Breast Reduction, Minneapolis

Very large breasts can be painful for a number of physical and psychological reasons. Medical problems can range from back, neck, and shoulder pain to headaches, and irritation or infection of the skin under the breasts. However Dr Hoffman understands the psychological effects of possessing excessively large breasts can sometimes be even more devastating. Extreme […]

Gynecomastia Treatment- St. Paul

For men who are coping with gynecomastia, swelling or increased size around the nipple and breast, male breast reduction surgery may be the answer. In the Twin Cities area Dr. Hoffman is known for his discretion and professional staff. Compassionate and skilled, Dr. Hoffman employs various forms of liposuction as well as state of the […]

Botox- Minneapolis

At our Minneapolis practice, BOTOX is a great stand-alone treatment for yourself or someone special or can be added to another procedure for additional impact and “Wow” factor. Injected just below the skin Dr. Hoffman uses BOTOX to relax lines and wrinkles for a smooth, more youthful appearance. Fast, simple, with no anesthesia required BOTOX […]

Financing Your Procedure

At our Minneapolis practice we understand that your well-being may be transformed by a procedure at our office. However financing your procedure can sometimes present challenges. Some patients may choose to save up for a procedure, postponing an improvement in the quality of their life and self esteem. To make the financing process as easy […]

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