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Free Consults Week of March 26th Only!

Have you been thinking of having a Plastic Surgery procedure? This is the perfect time to visit with the Twin Cities only Los Angeles trained Plastic Surgeon. See Dr. James Hoffman’s results and compare to others. See the beautiful shape change and minimal scarring that can be achieved when careful attention to detail is the […]

Cleft Lip Repair- St. Paul

Discovering that your child will be born with a cleft lip can be extraoridarily disouraging for many parents. The joy and anticipation of your new arrival is mitigated by fear, worry and frustration. Dr. Hoffman has sucessfully helped many children and parents by repairing cleft lips early and with beautiful results. During this time of […]

Breast Augmentation- St. Paul

Studies show that body confidence can radiate outwards affecting all areas of a person’s life! Looking your best means feeling your best and now more than ever before women can feel better about their shape. Breast Augmentation is a procedure done to increase the size and improve the shape of a woman’s breasts with a […]

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