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Male Tummy Tuck in Minneapolis: What You Need to Know

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, has been one of the most popular plastic surgeries for the past few years. While most of these tummy tucks are done on women, recent statistics actually reveal that male tummy tucks increased by 15 percent in 2011. Here at our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice, Dr. Hoffman and […]

Having Plastic Surgery Soon? Get to Know Your Anesthesia!

Would you like to get a bit of a nip and tuck soon but are hesitant with the effects of anesthesia? Here at our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice, we understand how you may be anxious about having surgery — whether it’s a Minneapolis tummy tuck, liposuction, or breast lift. Anesthesia is one of the most […]

Your Quick Guide to Minneapolis Facelift Recovery

Recovery from plastic surgery varies from one individual to another. It is often influenced by a variety of factors such as genetics, environment, lifestyle habits, and the extent of your surgery. Here at our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice, we encourage our clients to maximize such factors for a quick and healthy recovery. If you’ve been […]

Combining Minneapolis Plastic Surgeries For Optimal Results

Like all kinds of surgeries, plastic surgery also has its own set of risks and complications. Hence, some clients may be hesitant at the thought of combining plastic surgeries. However, a recent study by researchers at the University of Verona revealed that combining plastic surgeries could actually enhance results. Continue reading for an in-depth look […]

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