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Why You Need a Facelift

Rhytidectomy, also commonly known as facelift, has been considered an option among many women in our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice. Because of aging, stress, excessive sun exposure, gravity, and other life’s pressures, the skin normally sags and becomes loose. These facial deformities do not only affect women physically, but emotionally, as well, feeling less desirable […]

The Right Lip Augmentation Technique for You

Having fuller lips is one of the assets most women wish to have. Having thinner lips may not look that bad, but plumper lips make a woman look more sensuous and younger. Good thing technology will not allow those dream lips only to remain a dream. Lip augmentation in our Minneapolis practice surgery practice is […]

Get Awesome Results from a Subtle Eye Procedure!

Apart from making you look old and perpetually tired, puffiness around the eye area could actually hinder vision if left unattended for a long time! Here at our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice, an eyelid surgery called blepharoplasty has helped men and women significantly reduce excess baggage under the eyes, look well-rested, and improve their overall […]

Minneapolis Breast Augmentation: Getting Your Implant Size Right

Women have various reasons to seek breast augmentation here at our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice. Others want to improve their appearance when wearing swimsuits and bikinis while others are unhappy with how their breasts look after pregnancy and childbirth. No matter what one’s reasons are, it all boils down to feeling more confident and comfortable […]

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