Droopy eyes or sagging eyelids and sometimes excess puffiness can all make you look tired all day long. Being thin, the skin on the eyelids can easily start stretching and sagging due to aging. This makes the eyes look tired and gloomy. Eye lift comes as a solution to this problem giving your eyes a more youthful appearance.

How Does Eye Lift Help Brighten Up your Look?

During eye lift, the surgeon removes fat pads and also trims excess skin, if required, in the eyelids. Sometimes the changes are done only on one eyelid and sometimes it is both. Depending on the level of sag and the type of changes that you need, your surgeon would be able to deliver a suitable surgery plan.

  • Once the excess skin is removed in the upper eyelid, they do not droop. Therefore the eyes look more awake and fresh. It can also help tighten the skin in the upper area of the face in general.
  • For the lower eyelid, correction is often intended to eliminate puffiness around the eyes. While lack of sleep or too much sleep can cause puffiness in general, it could also be due to aging sometimes. This is when the surgical intervention to eliminate puffiness can be a good choice.

Doctor plans to make the incisions for the surgery aligned with the skin folds. This helps hide the scars. With the correction done on the eyelids, you look more awake and young. Eye lift surgery is also called blepharoplasty and is a common one today.