For most of us, the eye area is one of the first parts of our face to tell our true age. Eyelid surgery can be performed relatively quickly, in our office and can dramatically improve the appearance of your upper eyelids, bags and sagging under the eyes or both.

When performed by an experienced professional like Dr. Hoffman, an eyelid surgery can take years off of your appearance and even improve your vision with a clearer line of sight. If you’ve noticed sagging upper eyelids that have begun to intrude on your vision it is important to have this evaluated for surgical correction. The good news is that if this is the case your health insurance may cover the costs of part of your procedure.

An eyelid left can leave you appearing more rested and alert. This procedure is often combined with other cosmetic treatments and procedures to achieve optimal results.

Eyelid surgery can help correct a number of conditions including:

  • Removal of excess fat deposits that appear as puffiness in the upper eyelids.

  • Loose or sagging skin that disturbs the natural contour of the upper eyelid.

  • Removal of excess skin and fine wrinkles of the lower eyelid including correcting bags under eyes.

Final results should appear within several weeks, but it may take up to a year for incision lines to fully soften into your eyelids’ natural creases. It is important to note that eyelid surgery is a significant procedure, and results are permanent. However, your skin and eyes will continue to age naturally and sun protection and proper skincare will improve the life of your results.

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