Breast lift surgery has become increasingly popular over the years. In fact studies indicate that while full augmentation is still the number one breast surgery performed in the United States, breast lifts are growing at a faster rate than augmentations.

If you’ve become unhappy with the appearance of your breasts and are seeking a natural-looking solution consider a breast lift today.

As women age, the effects of gravity can cause the skin and tissue of the breast to sag or droop. Additionally, life changes including pregnancy, breast-feeding or significant weight loss can create physical changes in the appearance of your breasts.

If you are happy with the size of your breasts but would like to improve the shape or curve or your figure in a natural-looking way contact Dr. Hoffman today.

Breast lifts should on be performed on women who have finished their childbearing and breast-feeding activities in order to yield optimal results. Additionally, ideal patients are of a healthy weight, non-smokers and generally in good health conducive to recovery from an elective surgery. Once you’re ready to schedule your surgery, Dr. Hoffman will evaluate your breasts, discuss your cosmetic goals and health history and then determine if a breast lift will yield the desired results.

While breast lifts do not make your breasts larger or smaller, the surgery is a fantastic option for women who are looking to return to a younger, shapelier appearance.

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