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Continue reading for a brief overview about Breast Enlargement, Breast Asymmetry Correction, and A Plastic Surgeon’s Approach to Breast Health.

Breast Enlargement

breast_surgeryBreast enlargement (augmentation) is a procedure with a very high patient acceptance and satisfaction. This procedure offers resolution of aesthetic problems associated with small or saggy breasts. Women who request this operation have usually given careful consideration to their decision for surgery. It is important that the woman is self motivated in her desire for larger breasts. These women easily incorporate their new larger or fuller breasts into their body image and rapidly adjust to their changed appearance.

As a physician my first role in consultation with the woman considering breast enlargement is to educate her about all aspects of breast implants. Large scale studies done at Harvard, Mayo Clinic, University of Michigan, Emory University as well as studies performed at the University of Minnesota, show no link between breast implants and any known disease. I provide my patients who are considering breast augmentation with literature on breast implants, in an effort to explain what the last decade of scientific research has shown. It is informative and written in a question and answer format that is easy to read and understand. It is important for woman considering breast augmentation to be fully informed about breast implants. We know more about breast implants than ever before. The scientific evidence is in and women can now feel relieved and reassured about the safety of breast implants.

One of the most important steps in preparing for breast augmentation is choosing the size that will be right for you. Every woman’s breast size and shape is unique. During a sizing session you will work one on one with my nurse to determine the size that is right for you.

Breast Asymmetry Correction

This young woman presented to my office at the age of 15 with her mother, concerned about breast asymmetry. Her mother was unaware of the extent of her breast asymmetry. On a family vacation to Florida her mother noted a drastic difference in the size of her daughter’s breasts. These young women are often troubled by problems with body image. It is not uncommon for them to avoid situations where the asymmetry is obvious, such as gym class or swimming. Developing teenage girls will require several clinical visits to gain a sense of their psychological readiness to undergo a surgery which will effect their body image.

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A breast implant was placed beneath the small left breast, and the right breast was treated with a breast lift or mastopexy in order to obtain symmetry of the nipple areoalar complex and equalize breast volume. On a postoperative visit she had tan lines from her bikini, a good indication that we achieved our goal in obtaining symmetry. She is self confident and outgoing and she and her mother are delighted with the outcome.

A Plastic Surgeon’s Approach to Breast Health

breast_red_photo2Breast health issues are close to my heart. My mother and grandmother were diagnosed with breast cancer in the same year. My sister had two breast biopsies before age 35. Thankfully, 15 years later my mom and grandmother are both disease free from breast cancer and are breast cancer survivors. My own family history certainly affects the way I practice medicine and plastic surgery. All patients who consider breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift surgery are asked for their family histories. Any patient who is over 35 years of age must have a screening mammogram. Even the 55 year old patient who is seeing me for a facelift, or the mother of three who requested a tummy tuck are asked about their family history and if they have had a recent mammogram. If once or twice a year the mammogram I have recommended results in early detection and the chance for a cure, I feel the lessons learned from my family are passed on to those I treat as a physician.

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