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Breast augmentation candidates in St. Paul – Minneapolis are more and more becoming aware of the benefits of looking your best and they all desire to look more youthful with the use of breast implants. A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that will increase the fullness, symmetry and projection of your breasts. This surgery involves inserting a silicone bag or saline-filled prosthesis under the breast tissue to expand the breast and give it a fuller size and younger contour.

Dr. James A. Hoffman recommends a breast augmentation for his patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis who have lost breast volume after they gave birth and breast fed. This is also an effective treatment for patients who wish to restore breast fullness after they have gone through drastic weight changes. Patients who have naturally small breasts can now have the opportunity to get fuller breasts through breast augmentation.

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Cup Size:
Breast Augmentation
360cc Round/Smooth
Under the Muscle
34A to 34 full C
This Minneapolis – St. Paul breast implant patient is a 29 year old mother of two boys who was interested in breast augmentation. She wanted to have the breast size and shape she had prior to her pregnancies.
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Initially, she thought she would like to increase her cup size from “A” cup to large “B” cup. Through our sizing session she found that a full “C” cup was the look she desired. Following breast augmentation she has full “C” cup breasts and loves her new figure.

What is a breast augmentation like?

Breast augmentations done in our office in St. Paul, Minneapolis are generally done under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, depending on what the patient prefers. An incision will be made in the breast fold under the breast, or around the areola to make the incision lines less visible. This will create a pocket where the implant will be inserted. Adjustments will be made in order to achieve perfect symmetry between the 2 breasts. The incisions will be closed with sutures, after which instructions will be provided for patients on proper home care of the wounds for proper healing.

What are the breast implant options for patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis?

Patients of Dr. James A. Hoffman in St. Paul, Minneapolis have to make an important decision as to which type of breast implant they prefer to receive during breast augmentation. Patients will be provided all the information during consultation and it’s important that they weigh all the benefits as well as the risk factors to decide which one would best fit the final results that they want to achieve.

A saline breast implant is a prosthesis that is filled with a sterile saline solution. Patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis have the option to have this pre-filled to their desired size or can have the surgeon put in the contents during the breast augmentation to allow for minor adjustments to be made.

Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel and comes pre-filled. Patients will have to decide which size to get during consultation and the breast augmentation procedure will require a longer incision for the insertion of the silicone implant. Dr. Hoffman, with his years of experience will assist you in making the best choice regarding the size of breast implants that will best suit your body type and meet your goals and expectations regarding your procedure.

For more information on Breast Augmentation in Minneapolis – St. Paul, contact Dr. James Hoffman today to learn which breast implant option is best for you.