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Breast-Lift-thumbIn an effort to turn back the clock, many women in St. Paul – Minneapolis are seeking consultations with Dr. Hoffman for breast lifts in an effort to get their youthful appearance back. A breast lift is a surgical procedure that can help achieve a younger breast profile by removing any excess skin in the breasts and repositioning it to get a higher breast projection.

Breast Lift Candidates

The loosening and sagging of your breast tissues is a natural effect of aging and Dr. James A. Hoffman can easily reverse this through a breast lift. Other factors like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations may result to the sagging of your breasts. Sadly, no amount of exercise or diet can help remove the excess skin to achieve a more youthful breast contour. Patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis have the ability to visit Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Hoffman, who specializes in breast lifts and will be able to provide the perfect breast contour that you have been wishing for in just one procedure.


Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

For women with smaller breasts and minimal sag, an augmentation procedure may be all that is necessary. By adding fullness and volume to the breast, the skin is filled out making the breast appear fuller and more youthful. Breast augmentation does not truly lift the breast. The biggest advantage of breast augmentation is that it avoids a visible scar. See Breast Enlargement  

Periareolar Breast Lift With Implants

For women with intermediate ptosis (sag), where the nipple is still above the inframammary fold (the fold where the breast meets the chest), a nice option is the periareolar breast lift combined with implants. The major advantage of this procedure is that the scar is well hidden at the junction of the areola and breast skin. It avoids the vertical and inframammary fold scars seen in a typical breast lift.

In the past, the main disadvantage of this technique was the tendency for the areola to enlarge with time. Recent modifications in the technique, which I learned from Larry Schlesinger, M.D., Maui, Hawaii, have solved this problem. The use of a Gore-Tex suture avoids the tendency for the areola to enlarge.

Your Breast Lift will be performed in Dr. Hoffman’s surgery center located in Woodbury, MN, just outside of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Breast Lift Minneapolis, St. Paul and Woodbury
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What is a breast lift procedure like?

The breast lift technique that will be used by Dr. Hoffman for patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis depends on the final results that the patient wishes to achieve.

I can’t thank you enough

Dear Dr. Hoffman, I wanted to drop a note to express my gratitude for the care you have given me. It is obvious that you love what you do because you are so wonderful and caring at it. Even before my “new look” you made me feel beautiful, and I knew that all my hard work (exercise) would pay off. You made me feel wonderful the day I met you and you continue to do so with each visit. You have given me back my body and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Please know that you are greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Ann T.

What can patients expect after a breast lift?

All of Dr. Hoffman’s patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis are given instructions to lay-low and regulate their activities during the first week of their recovery from a breast lift. It is normal for patients to experience pain and discomfort, but they will be provided medications to help manage this. There are some who reported swelling, breast tenderness, and bruising in the treatment area, which should all gradually go away in a few weeks.

Breast lift results

After all the postoperative effects are gone, patients can immediately appreciate the effects of the breast lift. Patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis can be guaranteed excellent results through a safe and effective breast lift. The results of your breast lift should last for years although it is important to note that the breasts will still be affected by the natural effects of aging over time.

Breast lift cost

The cost of your breast lift in Minneapolis can be discussed during your initial consultation with Dr. Hoffman. A breast lift is a highly personalized surgical procedure that can involve the use of various techniques and approaches in order to provide the patient with the results they desire. Financing options are available.


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If you are bothered by the saggy appearance of your breast, a breast lift may be the answer to your aesthetic issues. For more information on Breast Lift in Minneapolis – St. Paul, contact Dr. Hoffman today to set up your personal and private consultation. Dr. Hoffman is a board-certified plastic surgeon who strives to provide the best breast lift results Minneapolis has to offer.


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