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Repairing Cleft Lips for a Lifetime of Smiles

Every year, thousands of parents find themselves with a newborn that is affected by a cleft lip. This is a very common condition that does not have to determine your child’s future self-esteem or social interactions. Cleft lips result when your child’s upper lip does not completely form in the womb. The separation of the […]

Excellent Cleft Lip Repair for Your Child

One of the most common defects at birth is the cleft lip. This is the result once the development of the child’s upper lip in the womb is incomplete. A cleft lip could appear to be just a small notch in the lip to a complete split that may go all the way to the […]

The When and How of Cleft Lip Repair in Minneapolis

Apart from performing Minneapolis plastic surgery for enhancement and aesthetic purposes, Dr. Hoffman is also an expert and very much adept in reconstructive procedures such as otoplasty and cleft lip repair. If you’re a parent or guardian of a child with a significant cleft lip deformity, a Minneapolis cleft lip repair procedure may significantly help […]

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