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New Baby, New Body

After delivering a baby, many women can become dissatisfied with their overall appearance. Activities such as childbirth and breast-feeding can definitely take a toll on the body, and while many women bounce back well through diet and exercise, there are some changes to the body that are more stubborn to correct. In order to help […]

Mommy Makeover Makes Fab Moms

After having children and becoming full-time moms, women may look stressed and tired from all the mother duties. Being a mother does not mean a woman should already take her appearance for granted. It can be frustrating to not look as young and fresh as before the baby bump happened, but mothers need not worry […]

Minneapolis Mommy Makeover: Link Between Pregnancy & Body Image

Body image, for most women, is a huge concern. Being pregnant is not even an exception. Expectant mothers often experience a lot of changes in their bodies — from skin discoloration to an obviously expanding belly to mood swings. The toll of pregnancy and the consequent childbirth which follows would often put women at risk […]

Beauty After Baby: Are Mommy Makeovers Worth It?

You’ve probably heard of Mommy Makeovers and how it has become so popular amongst women who want to get their pre-baby body back. If you’re one of those women who had just given birth and has tried both diet and exercise to restore the contours of your body, a Minneapolis Mommy Makeover with Dr. James […]

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