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Otoplasty: Say Goodbye to Prominent Ears

Having prominent ears can be a source of embarrassment especially among children and teens. Sometimes, it can even cause psychological distress to the person with this physical feature. However, a cosmetic procedure called otoplasty performed in our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice will be able to address that need in an instant. What is an otoplasty? […]

Recovering from Your Otoplasty in Minneapolis

Whether it’s you or your child who is about to undergo otoplasty at our Minneapolis plastic surgery clinic in Woodbury, it is important to know what to expect following surgery and how to prepare for it so that you can achieve the most desirable outcome possible. What To Expect After An Otoplasty Procedure You will […]

The Best Time for Your Child’s Ear Surgery in Minneapolis

There are several instances where a child is born with a protruding, cupped, or lopsided ear/s. Sometimes surgery is recommended to make one’s ears appear more symmetrical as well as change their shape and size. Here at our Minneapolis cosmetic surgery practice, parents and guardians visit our clinic to learn more about the ear surgery […]

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