650_iStock-000017991875SmallAlso referred to as a mentoplasty, a chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that is used to reshape the chin in both male and female patients. There are many reasons that patients visit Dr. Hoffman’s office seeking a chin augmentation. These reasons may include a long-held desire for a new appearance, or an augmentation may be required following a trauma or injury to the face.

There are a number of ways that Dr. Hoffman can improve the profile of your chin. The most common methods include either using an implant or by altering the shape or position of your actual chin bone. A chin augmentation is only recommended for patients who would like to change the cosmetic appearance of their chin, and not for patients who have actual issues with their bite or other orthodontic concerns.

If an implant is used to make your chin more round and shapely, an incision will be made inside of your mouth or outside of your chin to create a pocket. The implant will then be slid into this pocket and positioned over your chin. Finally it will be secured onto your chin with sutures or screws.

If your chin augmentation is performed without an implant and by modifying your existing chin bone, an incision will be made inside your mouth. Dr. Hoffman will then alter your chin bone from inside your mouth. Once the desired shape is achieved, your incisions will be stitched closed.

It may take approximately 6 weeks for your chin augmentation surgery to heal; however you can expect to resume normal activities within one week of your procedure. If you’d like to achieve a new shape for your chin consider a chin augmentation and contact Dr. James Hoffman today.