116561140A wrinkly or receding chin could ruin even the most perfect face; it could make your nose appear larger or make it appear that you are over- weight. If you have a receding chin, worry no more! Our Minneapolis chin augmentation procedure may just be the answer you’re looking for.

Why the Need for Chin Implants

A chin implant can restore facial harmony and give your entire profile a more pleasing balance. Building up a small chin can improve the configuration of the jaw-neck line to effectively reduce a “double chin”. Here at our practice, chin augmentation is also easily combined with removal of neck fat via precision liposculpture to improve the overall jawline.

Not Everyone Could Have Chin Augmentation

It should be noted that not everyone is an ideal candidate for a chin augmentation. By and large, your jaw and teeth should be properly aligned. Also, you should be in excellent health — particularly a strong immune system to avoid further complications while on recovery.

For individuals with malocclusion problems, a chin augmentation procedure may not be enough to improve the condition. In such cases, an orthognathic surgery may be required to reposition the upper and lower jaws.

What to Expect Following Chin Augmentation

It should be noted that the stunning results won’t be immediately noticed. Hours following the procedure, the chin will be sore, swollen, and you may feel numb. Sensation would most likely return a day after the procedure.

You will be advised to avoid moderate to heavy physical activities, particularly contact sports, as it could make the implant shift to undesirable positions and delay healing. Infection is also something to look out for, and antibiotics will be prescribed to avoid such from occurring.

A bland, soft diet is often recommended to give your chin time to heal, especially when the incision is made through the mouth. A saline mouthwash may be prescribed as well.

Your Chin Augmentation in Minneapolis

A consultation with Dr. Hoffman will help you prepare well for your Minneapolis chin augmentation. Contact us at 651.686.4548 or fill out this online contact form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoffman. We look forward to your visit!