11One of the most common defects at birth is the cleft lip. This is the result once the development of the child’s upper lip in the womb is incomplete. A cleft lip could appear to be just a small notch in the lip to a complete split that may go all the way to the nose’s base. Most parents with children who have this kind of defect worry that their child might suffer the consequences when they grow up, such as peer teasing and bullying and even difficulty in speech and breathing. However, a great cleft lip repair in our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice is available to cater those needs.

How it is done

Usually, a cleft lip repair is performed when the child reaches about 8 weeks. The operation is done while the child is under intravenous or general anesthesia. In order to create a flap that will be used to stitch the separation together, incisions will be made on the sides of the cleft. By using this technique, the incision lines will have minimal visibility since they are placed along the normal contours of the child’s nose and upper lip. These incision lines will also fade over time as the child ages, restoring its normal functions and growth.

What to expect

Depending on how serious your child’s lip defect was, your child will normally heal over time. However, your child may need to undergo another surgery that will minimize the scar from the surgical incisions.

Of course, there would be risks in any surgery. The anesthesia can cause breathing problems while the surgery can cause bleeding and infection if not properly attended to. This is why parents should be well aware of the nature of the procedure and instructed well on how to take care of their child post-operatively.

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