Every year, thousands of parents find themselves with a newborn that is affected by a cleft lip. This is a very common condition that does not have to determine your child’s future self-esteem or social interactions.

Cleft lips result when your child’s upper lip does not completely form in the womb. The separation of the right and left sides of the upper lip can cause a gap or opening in the skin that can be easily repaired once your child is born. It is important to correct this condition as soon as possible, as a cleft lip can affect your child’s eating, drinking, speaking and even breathing. Typically, Dr. Hoffman will recommend that this procedure be performed once your newborn reaches the age of 8 weeks.

Parents all across St. Paul and Minneapolis have counted on Dr. Hoffman to correct their child’s cleft lip safely and effectively. Dr. Hoffman has been performing these corrective surgeries for years and will treat your child with the same care and expertise that he would his own child.

Depending on how elaborate your child’s cleft lip is, multiple surgeries may be required. However, it rare that your child will require more than two surgeries. The second surgery may be required as your child’s face develops when they are older.

Although not corrected so soon, we are always available to see any child born with a cleft on his or her first day of life. We will also assist in teaching effective feeding techniques to the new mother and father to help them rest assured that this condition can be managed and eventually repaired. For more information on Cleft Lip Repair in Minneapolis – St. Paul, contact Dr. Hoffman today to set up a consultation.