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Patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis can rely on the expert hands of Dr. James A. Hoffman when they are considering having their ear deformities repaired through otoplasty or ear reconstruction. Otoplasty is a type of reconstructive surgery that can correct any deformities in the outer ear to achieve a normal ear contour. Not only is otoplasty done for cosmetic purposes, it can also be utilized as a reconstructive procedure for patients who have lost their ears of have damaged it severely due to an accident or trauma.

Studies show that about 30 percent of newborn babies are born with ear deformities, but most of these deformities correct themselves as the child grows. But if in case your child’s ear deformities seem to show no progress, an otoplasty can easily be performed to repair the deformity. Although it is common for otoplasty to be performed on children, patients of any age are welcome to visit our office in St. Paul, Minneapolis for a consultation.

Otoplasty mainly focuses on the correction of prominent ears. Prominent ears can be a result of numerous factors:

  • The ears become prominent and stick out if it grows at an angle that is more than 20 to 35 degrees.
  • Patients with over developed ear cartilages can have prominent ears.
  • Ears can also protrude if the ear cartilages are underdeveloped and if the top ridge of the ears do not fold as they should.
  • There are also some cases when prominent ears are caused by an accident or trauma.


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If you (or your child) withdraw from activities, such as swimming, or keep your ears covered by your hair because you are self conscious, this surgery can open up new possibilities for changing your appearance.

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What is an otoplasty like for patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis?

Dr. James A. Hoffman advises parents of pediatric patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis that children should be given time before letting them undergo an otoplasty. He understands the sense of urgency that parents feel when seeking treatment for their child but it is important to wait until the child turns 5 to make sure that the ear structures have developed fully.

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This patient is a 16 year old young man who has had prominent ears since birth. He became more self-conscious about his ears during his teenage years. Following otoplasty, he is even more handsome. He is a musician and is now more comfortable in the public eye.

Otoplasty has been broken down into 3 major types based on the different presentations of ear deformities. The procedure is different for each type and can be discussed further during a consultation with Dr. James A. Hoffman in St. Paul, Minneapolis.

  • Ear augmentation – this is procedure is best for patients with non-existent as well as underdeveloped pinna (microtia)
  • Otopexy – used to pin back or flatten a patient’s protruding ears
  • Ear reductions – are best for patients who have large pinnae (macrotia)
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An otoplasty performed in our office in St. Paul, Minneapolis, on the average, lasts for about 2 to 3 hours. This procedure can be done under intravenous sedation and general anesthesia for pediatric patients. Patients are able to resume work and day-to-day activities about a week after their otoplasty.
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Ear SurgeryEar Surgery in St. Paul MinneapolisOtoplasty with Dr. Hoffman in MinneapolisDr. Hoffman in St. Paul Minneapolis

This patient was born with a condition called microtia. The only portion of the ear which develops is the ear lobe. The ear is reconstructed using cartilage from the rib and requires several stages.

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