Lip Augmentation Minneapolis

Patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis who want fuller, sexy lips should consider a lip augmentation procedure with Dr. Hoffman. More and more people realize the impact that full lips have on a woman’s appeal and how it can make a person younger and more sensuous. Aside from making the lips fuller, a lip augmentation can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lips. More plump lips can be achieved through various techniques for lip augmentation. Patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis have the option to have their lip augmentation procedure done through the use of dermal fillers or through implants.

The use of dermal fillers for lip augmentation is becoming very popular because there is less downtime and the procedure is very fast. This however does not provide permanent results and dermal fillers are absorbed by the body over time. Implants on the other hand, provide a more permanent solution, but some patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis are a bit apprehensive about this option since it will require surgery.

What are the common techniques used for lip augmentation?

The technique used is largely dependent on the results that our patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis want to achieve. Generally, lip augmentation can be done through the use of dermal fillers and surgical implants.

  • Dermal Fillers – The most popular type of dermal fillers that are used for lip augmentation for our patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis are those made from hyaluronic acid since they occur naturally in the body and have been tried and tested solutions for treating lines and wrinkles and adding volume to the areas of the face. Aside from this, collagen and a patient’s own fat tissue can also be utilized to add volume to the lips to achieve a more youthful profile. Lip augmentations for our patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis using dermal fillers will require the use of a topical anesthesia that is applied directly to the lips to reduce discomfort. The dermal filler will be introduced just under the lips to areas that need volume. It is done on an outpatient basis and patients can appreciate the effects of the lip augmentation almost immediately.
  • Collagen Injection – Collagen is a protein which can be injected to plump out the lips. A skin test must be performed several weeks prior to lip injection to be sure the patient is not allergic to collagen. An advantage of collagen is that within a few days swelling subsides giving the patient the desired effect. The disadvantage of collagen is that the fullness created is only temporary. Within months the collagen is resorbed by the body and will need to be repeated to maintain the result.
  • Surgical implants – Using implants for lip augmentation can offer a longer lasting effect. Patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis have the option to use their own body fat, the use of local flap grafts, or using synthetic implants to achieve fuller lips and to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the lips. When considering implants, Dr. Hoffman will discuss which option will be best depending on the results that you expect to achieve. For patients in St. Paul, Minneapolis, a lip augmentation procedure using implants may take to up to 2 hours and is also done on an outpatient basis. It is also done using local anesthesia and the implants will be inserted through small incisions made in the upper line or the lip or the inside portion to reduce visibility of the incision lines.
  • Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer – Patients can give their lips more volume by fat injection. This method involves plumping the lips by harvesting the patient’s fat via liposuction and injecting it into their lips. Fat can be removed from the tummy or flanks. The patients own fat is the safest filling material and allergic reactions are impossible since it is their own tissue. Another advantage of fat injection is its semi permanence. Approximately 40% of each injection will become incorporated into the patient’s lips. Fat injections usually last 6 months and with additional injections they can last for years. Patients need to know that there is more swelling in the days following fat injection than with collagen.

If patients are wondering whether to proceed with fat transfer, I recommend they first have a trial treatment of collagen injection to try out the new look before committing to the more expensive and permanent fat injection.

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