eye surgery minneapolis - blepharoplasty st paulStress, aging, or simply genetics, can cause one’s eyelids to droop and sag. This makes the eyes appear unattractively tired and restless. Some women may ignore this problem, believing that there is no treatment for this, but blepharoplasty in our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice has been made available for people with such dilemma.

Why do you need it?

As a person ages, the skin and its underlying tissues become weak and sag by law of gravity. This loss of skin elasticity is responsible for the drooping, making the eyelids look stressed and generally making the person look much older – even when he or she is still in the early 30s. In severe cases, a drooping eyelid could even impair the eyesight. This is why an eyelid problem should not be easily ignored.

What is blepharoplasty?

A blepharoplasty in Minneapolis can specifically address those concerns, providing its clients with a fresher and younger-looking appearance. An eyelid surgery can significantly improve the appearance of the eyes, by lifting the skin on the upper and lower eyelids, giving the eyes a more rejuvenated appearance. It removes excess skin, fat, and muscle tissue around the eyelids which cause it to droop.

The procedure can be done together with other cosmetic surgeries, such as brow, face, or neck lifts to achieve maximum results. However, an eyelid surgery can still cause wonders even when done alone. The incisions are only made along the eyelid folds to decrease visibility of its incision lines. The excess skin or fat will then be removed underneath the skin prior to closing it with sutures. Right then, the lower eyelid will be addressed, making an incision either below the lashes or inside the lid.

What to expect after surgery?

The operation should only last for about 2 hours as outpatient. There will be very minimal pain post-operatively, but it can be easily relieved by pain medication. Contact Dr. James Hoffman, a cosmetic surgeon who has already catered eyelid surgeries to a lot of satisfied patients by calling 651.686.4548 or filling out this online contact form.