233_2655384If your infant was born with a cleft lip, rest assured that Dr. Hoffman is highly experienced and skilled at correcting this condition in even the smallest patients. A cleft lip is an extremely common birth defect that occurs when the upper lip does not completely form in the womb. The two sides of the upper lip may separate resulting in a gap or opening in the skin.

Dr. Hoffman has been performing cleft lip repairs for years, giving children and their parents peace of mind for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Also known as a cheiloplasty, a cleft lip repair closes the gap between the two sides of the lip, allowing the lip to continue to grow and develop normally.

It is important to take steps to repair your child’s cleft lip. Otherwise, cleft lips that are left unaddressed can lead to difficulty speaking, eating, and even breathing.

There is often no direct cause of a cleft lip. It is important, however, for parents to understand that there is nothing during pregnancy that is known to cause clefting. The condition is very common and normally, easily repaired. Generally, we recommend that cleft lips not be repaired until 8 weeks following birth. Your child may require more than one surgery as their face continues to develop through childhood, however Dr. Hoffman will monitor their facial development closely and recommend additional surgeries only when necessary.

If your child has been born with a cleft lip and you are interested in learning your repair options, contact Dr. James Hoffman for more information today.