Dr. James Hoffman is proud to offer a number of cosmetic surgical procedures for his patients that are ready to take their appearance to the next level. If you have been trying topical skin care products or even injectables or laser therapy without success – it may be time for you consider a surgical correction.

One of the most effective and popular of these procedures is a facelift. A facelift works to remove the sagging and loose skin from around your face. This provides a more youthful and vibrant appearance. The results are so dramatic that they are unsurpassed by any other anti-aging procedure possible.

It is very common to decide to include other cosmetic procedures with your facelift in order to achieve both cost savings and additional results. Among these potential combinations are neck lifts, brow lifts or eyelid lifts. By combining procedures you can customize your appearance to achieve beautiful results.

Aside from eliminating the appearance of loose skin in the face, a facelift can also create a smoother jaw line and reduce the appearance of jowls. However, unless combined with a neck lift, your results will stop at the jawline. While all of our patients are thrilled with the results of their facelifts, many do not consider how their neck wrinkles and sagging skin can also affect their appearance.

In order to look as youthful as possible Dr. Hoffman will often recommend combining your facelift with a neck lift procedure. A neck lift works similarly to a facelift in that it tightens sagging skins and provides a more youthful appearance to the neck.

If you’re ready to take your appearance to the next level, consider a face and/or neck lift procedure today. Contact Dr. James Hoffman to learn more today.