chin_aug-thumbDo you wish to have Marilyn Monroe’s chin? Do you feel that a defined chin is all you need to improve your overall look and be more attractive? Chin augmentation is on the rise with more and more people choosing to undergo this procedure to reshape the chin or enhance its size. Here at our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice, chin augmentation is performed either by using implants or by altering bone tissue.

Prior to chin augmentation, the plastic surgeon will let you know what you can expect after the procedure as well as post-procedure instructions that you have to follow carefully. Here are some of these things.

  • Expect some discomfort and soreness after chin augmentation. It can be managed by pain medications prescribed by the plastic surgeon.
  • There may be an itching sensation in the chin for a week. The area may also feel numb for three weeks.
  • Swelling usually goes away after six weeks.
  • You can resume your routine activities including work after seven to ten days.
  • You might experience facial fullness and have headaches after surgery. Sleep may also be disrupted. When sleeping, elevate your head. You can make use of two or three pillows or elevate the head of the bed.
  • Do not bend or lift objects.
  • A scar will be noticeable if the doctor made the cut under your chin.
  • The majority of implants last for life. Then again, implants that are made from your own fat may be reabsorbed.
  • Since swelling may be present for a couple of weeks or months, the final results can be appreciated after three to four months.

Chin Augmentation in Minneapolis

During your consultation with Dr. Hoffman, you will learn more about the procedure including benefits and risks associated with it. You will also be evaluated to determine if implants will be used or bone tissue will be altered. Furthermore, you will be given instructions on what you have to do before and after surgery. Remember that the recovery phase is as important as the actual procedure, so be sure to follow the surgeon’s instructions carefully.

For more information on chin augmentation, request an appointment with Dr. Hoffman today by calling 651-686-4548 or filling out this online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!