Non Invasives ProceduresRhytidectomy, also commonly known as facelift, has been considered an option among many women in our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice. Because of aging, stress, excessive sun exposure, gravity, and other life’s pressures, the skin normally sags and becomes loose. These facial deformities do not only affect women physically, but emotionally, as well, feeling less desirable as time passes. Moreover, signs of aging such as wrinkles do make individuals feel much older than they were before.

When to get a facelift

If you ever notice sagging in the midface, displaced or fallen fat, deep creases under your lower lids or along the nose until the corner of your mouth, a noticeable loss of facial muscle tone creating jowls, and excess fatty deposits under your chin or jaw, then a facelift should be good for you.

How it helps

A facelift is done by contracting and realigning the facial and neck skin. In some cases, excess fat deposits are removed to revive a tighter, more youthful face. Sometimes it is combined with other facial cosmetic surgeries to achieve best results. Facelift in Minneapolis provides favorable outcomes with its unique surgical techniques.

Small incisions will be made just inside the hairline, under the earlobe, the backside of the ear, up to the lower scalp. The skin is then tightened and stretched just after the fat and tissue deposits are separated. Excess skin is also removed.


The swelling and recovery time will be decreased since the face will be fitted with bandages post-operatively. The patient will be advised to get plenty of rest and be limited in strenuous physical activities to speed up the recovery process. Minor pain and discomfort will be present but can be treated with oral medication.

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