Minneapolis Botox Treatment

While Botox is designed for men and women who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it has been reported that more individuals in Minneapolis are now looking into its “preventative” purposes — injecting a dose of Botox to actually stop the wrinkles from forming. A CBS Chicago report ran a story late last year about the increasing number of people who are opting for Botox for prevention rather than wrinkle treatment. In Minneapolis, MN Dr. James Hoffman is the cosmetic surgeon of choice for most locals who wish to have Botox in Minneapolis.

The Earlier, The Better

The report talked about anti-aging experts agreeing on the premise that “if you attack the fine lines early on, the treatments will prevent deeper wrinkles in the future.” Take, for example, Blake Troiani who is 27 years old and has started getting Botox. According to the CBS report, his greatest concern was developing forehead lines. After getting preventative Botox, he said positive changes were already noticed. “Family and friends commented, oh, your skin looks so smooth. You look rejuvenated. You look younger,” he explained.

Botox in Woodbury

On average, the wrinkle-reducing effects of Botox can last up to 3 to 4 months. As individuals may vary, it is important for you to talk to your cosmetic surgeon regarding preferences and expectations in getting Botox, whether it’s for preventative or treatment purposes.

Whether you’re 24, 52 or 65 years old, your first step in getting Botox should be to contact Dr. Hoffman for an initial consultation. Contact us at 651.686.4548 or fill out this online contact form to schedule a personal appointment with Dr. Hoffman. We look forward to your visit!