Healthy Skin from Healthy Eating Women Eating Salad MinneapolisDecember is here and summer is officially over! Apart from tons of parties to attend to and gifts to wrap, we encourage our clients here at our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice to consider the holiday season as the perfect time to have plastic surgery. Below are reasons to consider plastic surgery this time of the year!

The Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Recover

Most of our clients take advantage of the extended time that the holiday season offers. This will mean you will have enough time to heal and recover from surgery, may it be a tummy tuck or a face lift.

Furthermore, the bulky coats and sweaters during winter are the perfect clothing to help you conceal the initial swelling and bruising brought about by surgery. No one will be able to notice such changes until your new figure is revealed come summer time. A breast augmentation surgery in winter could help you look good in your resort wear during spring break or swimsuit by next summer!

Sun Exposure Is Not As Harsh During Winter

One of the most important things to avoid post-plastic surgery is to avoid sun exposure. With winter, you can spend more time in the outdoors without worrying about exposed incision sites. Also, non-surgical procedures such as chemical peels requires you to spend a lot of time indoors and apply sunscreen when heading out. The short, dark winter days makes it easy for you to heal quick!

Let Us Help You Make Your New Year’s Wish Come True!

The New Year is the perfect time for a new set of wardrobe, a new haircut, and a subtle yet significant improvement in the way you look! If you choose to have plastic surgery this holiday season, friends and family will be surprised that you look fitter, younger, and very well-rested.

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