Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to improve the appearance of ears that are sticking out from the side of the head and/or are disproportionately large in size. Kids who have overly prominent ears that stick out from the side of the head are often made the target of unnecessary incessant teasing by their peers and this teasing can cause damage to their self-esteem and self-confidence that may last well into adulthood. The Otoplasty, or Ear Surgery, is performed with incisions that take advantage of the natural creases of the ear to hide any scarring and can be performed on children typically as young as five years old. It is often suggested the earlier the procedure is performed, the better both to reduce unnecessary years of teasing and because the cartilage of the ear is more malleable in children. That said, the Otoplasty procedure may still be performed on adults as well.

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