A lip augmentation can be a great cosmetic treatment to start with if you’re unhappy with your appearance but are not ready to dive into a full surgical procedure of the face. Lip augmentation can generally be performed quickly in our office and yields impressive results for those patients seeking a modest but noticeable improvement to their appearance.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Hoffman will discuss your health history with you as well as your cosmetic goals. He will then determine which method of lip augmentation will best yield your desired result.

Potential techniques for lip augmentation include:

  • Dermal Fillers: Typically lip augmentations are performed with hyaluronic acid fillers because these products contain ingredients that occur naturally in the body and are effective at adding natural-looking volume to your lips. Collagen can also be used to fill your lips if preferred and is equally as effective as hyaluronic fillers.

  • Fat Relocation: Your own fat tissue can also be used to add volume to your lips. Many patients prefer this method due to the face that the substance injected comes from their own body. Dr. Hoffman can harvest a small amount of fat from another area of your body and redeposit the cells into your lips for a new full appearance.

  • Surgical Implants: Unlike dermal fillers or fat relocation procedures surgical implants offer longer lasting results for patients who seek years of new volume in their lips. Synthetic implants are available on an outpatient basis.

Contact Dr. Hoffman today to schedule your initial consultation and learn which method of lip augmentation is right for you!