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Male-Liposuction-thumbIt comes as no surprise to Dr. James Hoffman that more and more men are asking for cosmetic procedures in recent years. Particularly, liposuction in St. Paul, Minneapolis has become one of the more popular procedures that men in this area are undergoing and Dr. Hoffman owes this to the fact that men are now beginning to realize the benefits of having a body that looks younger and sculpted to become more refined.

Why should men consider getting liposuction?

Men are motivated by success in their lives, and being in a society that now relies heavily on correlating physical appearances to social affluence, liposuction has practically cemented itself as an important tool to ensure that men are always at their physical best. Nowadays, men have also embraced this choice to become physically fit and sculpted using cosmetic techniques like liposuction that remove stubborn fat from the body.

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Probably the most understanding physician I have ever met

Dear Dr. Hoffman, I write this with a bit of a tear in my eyes . First and foremost I want to thank you for being probably the most understanding physician I have ever met. For the last years going back to my early high school days I would look at myself and wished I could change what I called the Irish love handles. Even in high school where I was in great shape and exercising twice a day including weightlifting, I still had these love handles and the little beer belly. Being the typical head strong stubborn male I was too proud to even look into having something done. Finally getting to a point where I was walking 9 miles per day but the belly and love handles just wouldn’t go away. I asked you for help and can this be fixed? Now 4 days after surgery I am asking why the heck did I wait so long. I see the difference and the recovery has been much easier than I thought. You described the experience perfectly. I knew exactly what to expect when to expect it and why. I thought I would also tell you seeing you in the operating room just before I went under did not go unnoticed by me and provided me with some comfort as I was extremely nervous. I also noticed the differences vs other pictures I have seen on the internet. I do not see any bumpy or uneven locations and it’s as if you literally sculpted the contour of my body. I am excited for the swelling to go down and continue with my exercise program to take control of my health again. Thank you so very much Withheld for Privacy

What are the benefits of liposuction for men?

Liposuction is a great option for men who lead a healthy lifestyle with the proper diet and exercise but still have areas in their body where stubborn fat still seems to accumulate. Liposuction in this case can lead to:

What should be expected from the procedure?

What can men expect during the recovery period?

Immediately after the procedure, the treated areas will be wrapped firmly in bandages or with compression garments for about four weeks to reduce swelling, bruising, and bleeding. Drainage tubes will be used at the treated areas for several days and the patient may be put on an antibiotic regimen to reduce the risk of infection. Patients will be able to move after the procedure, but will be discouraged from strenuous physical activities that could lead to complications.

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