The “thigh gap” trend online is relatively new. So what exactly is a thigh gap? It is literally having a gap between your thighs, particularly when you’re standing. This trend has become a celebrity emulated craze amongst young girls, with the likes of Alexa Chung and Cara Delevingne showing off their skinny thighs. In Woodbury and nearby areas, Dr. James Hoffman is a highly experienced plastic surgeon specializing in Minneapolis cosmetic procedures which could help reduce the size of your inner thighs in a safe and effective way within a short recovery time.

Procedures to Help Shape Your Inner Thigh

The good news is that thigh gaps are not only for women celebrities and supermodels. In “The Gap”, a Facebook page with a whopping 800,000 likes, women of all ages and races show off their thigh gaps. Dr. Hoffman could help you achieve the thigh gap with these procedures:


  • Liposuction comes in various types. It involves removing unwanted fat while simultaneously recontouring to create a more aesthetically appealing body. For your thigh gap needs, you can ask Dr. Hoffman about your liposuction options in Woodbury. It is important for you to check the pre-procedure requirements before making the decision. An initial consultation should also be in order.

  • A thigh lift is surgery that removes excess skin and fat from your thighs. The goal of the procedure is to improve the appearance of your thighs by removing the “dimpled look” produced by cellulite.

Minneapolis Plastic Surgery

For your questions on how to achieve the thigh gap, a consultation with Dr. Hoffman will help you carefully decide on the alternatives. Contact us at 651.686.4548 or fill out this online contact form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoffman. We look forward to your visit!