Making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery can be both an exciting and concerning situation. You can rest assured when you visit Dr. James Hoffman’s office that you’ll be treated by a professional with years of experience and expertise in elective procedures.

With Dr. Hoffman’s experience comes the ability work with patients to achieve their best results as well as to manage their expectations for the outcome of their procedure. Once you determine what procedure you would like to undergo, it is important to come to your first visit prepared with information regarding your health history, your cosmetic goals as well as any questions that you may have.

These questions can help you determine if your surgeon and the procedure are right for you.

  • Where did you receive your medical training? Are you a board-certified plastic surgeon?

  • How many of X procedure have your performed? How often do you perform this surgery?

  • Is this the best surgery for me? Would you recommend any alternative treatments?

  • Will I really look like X celebrity, or photo illustrating your cosmetic goal? What may prevent me from realizing this outcome?

  • How will anesthesia be administered during the procedure? How will you manage my recovery?

  • How long should my surgery take? Should I plan to stay in the hospital afterwards?

  • Is pain common after this procedure? Are there any other side effects I should be aware of?

  • How long will the effects of this surgery last? Will it need to be repeated or corrected over time?

  • How much will my surgery cost? Do you offer financing options for this procedure? Are there any other procedures that could be performed at the same time to save costs at a later time?