Teenagers generally go though a lot of physical and psychological changes. These changes often prompt teens to consider cosmetic surgery to aesthetically improve their appearance and consequently, boost their self-esteem. Here at our Minneapolis plastic surgery practice, we make it a point to thoroughly assess a teen’s goals and expectations in having cosmetic surgery.

Common Cosmetic Procedures Done in Teenagers

1. Otoplasty – This ear correction procedure was the most popular plastic surgery amongst teens in 2012. This type of surgery is often recommended for children around the ages of 5 or 6 when they have reached full ear development. Otoplasty is also recommended to be performed before the child enters school to avoid teasing and bullying from peers.

2. Male Breast Reduction – Gynecomastia or the abnormal enlargement of male breasts is brought about by a combination of factors including genetics, existing medications, hormones, and weight issues. Male breast reduction could restore a male teen’s confidence.

3. Rhinoplasty – For teens who are worried and deeply troubled with the appearance of their nose, a rhinoplasty procedure could be performed. However, it is very important for the teen to have realistic expectations as well as the right reasons to have the surgery (this will be discussed in detail below).

Questions to Ask Before the Surgery

If you’re a parent with a child or teen who wants to have plastic surgery, consider the following questions to help you come up with an informed decision:

1. Who wants to have plastic surgery? Is it the teen or someone else close to the teen like peers, boyfriend/girlfriend, family member, etc?

2. Could the teen handle the recovery process? Would he or she be able to adhere to the preparations before surgery?

3. Is your teen emotionally and physically mature?

4. Is your teen consistent about his or her desire to have plastic surgery?

5. Is the plastic surgeon of your choice board-certified? Is he highly experienced in the field?

Finding a Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon for Teens

The idea of teens having plastic surgery may appear in a negative light currently in the media. However, we understand that teens undergo plastic surgery to increase their self esteem and consequently, become better individuals. Contact us at 651.686.4548 or fill out this online contact form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoffman. We look forward to your visit!