Social media is probably one of the most effective marketing tools nowadays; it opens up endless channels of communication, allows people to share photos, videos and ideas, and in general, it allows for everyone to voice out their opinions. An annual poll by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) found out that social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are doing a great job in increasing awareness and helping men and women to be more critical with their plastic surgery options. For residents of Woodbury and nearby areas, they rely on a surgeon’s Facebook Page or Twitter account to find reliable Minneapolis cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. James Hoffman.

Social Media Photo Sharing

Furthermore, the study found out that people are more drawn towards shared images illustrating specific proportions such as improvement in facial features. The press release stated, “The annual poll of 752 of the organization’s board-certified facial plastic surgeons found that there was a 31% increase in requests for surgery as a result of social media photo sharing.”

Finding the Right Cosmetic Surgeon Online

Apart from personal referrals, online research is one of the major influencing factors which help prospective patients choose their cosmetic surgeons. By looking at a surgeon’s website, you can obtain significant information such as board certifications, experienced, and educational background. But subtle things such as client testimonials, feedback, personality and bedside manner could be figured out by checking their Facebook page

“Patients are becoming increasingly more sophisticated in their knowledge of plastic surgery due to the obvious increases in online research and validations,” said Ed Williams, MD, Group Vice President for Public and Regulatory Affairs for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. “Our members are seeing a much more educated consumer base than ever before, thanks to the increased availability of information.”

Before deciding on an initial appointment, check if the surgeon of of your choice has a Facebook page. Read on for comments from previous clients, both the good and the bad. Figure out how they answer patient questions.

Minneapolis Plastic Surgery

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