Plastic Surgery Practice Minneapolis

I offer this website as an invitation to get to know me and the members of my team, all of whom support my commitment to provide extraordinary care to our patients. We are dedicated to excellence and enhancing your appearance and self-image. I offer myself, my talents, skills, and a commitment to making a difference in your life.

This website provides a glimpse into the world of plastic surgery and the possibilities that are available to you. It provides information about me, my staff, various procedures, as well as treatment options. This site has been developed to help you understand what cosmetic surgery can do for you. A strong emphasis has been placed on before and after photographs of patients I have treated. The essence of a plastic surgeon’s work can only be judged by seeing his or her results. I also find it helpful to have you talk with other patients of mine who have undergone similar procedures.

My greatest satisfaction comes from the interaction with patients. I am honored by my patients’ trust in me. Whether the patient be a woman with a bump on the bridge of her nose which she finds bothersome, the mother of three who longs to get back into a two piece bathing suit, a woman who wishes her breasts were larger, or the fifty-year old who is bothered by wrinkles and frown lines; every patient presents a problem which invites solution.

I invite you to call my office at (651)-686-4548 in Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota to arrange a cosmetic consultation with me, so I can listen to your concerns, educate you about what is available for you, and make recommendations. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your goals.

We pride ourselves in giving our patients personal attention. Your personal consultation lasts about an hour. Dr. Hoffman believes that superb cosmetic surgical results depend on a combination of preoperative education, surgical expertise and caring, compassionate postoperative care.

Search For The Right Surgeon:

I encourage you to see more than one doctor and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. You can find doctors based on location by looking at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ website. When interviewing doctors, there are questions you should ask to help differentiate an appropriately trained plastic surgeon. Are they Board Certified? Make sure it is certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. How many procedures have they done? Do they have references? Can you speak with other patients who have had the procedure you are interested in? Can you see photos of the plastic surgeon’s prior patients? Do you like the way these patients look?

Choose A Surgeon You Are Comfortable With:

Surgery is a big decision regardless of the surgery you are interested in. You need to be comfortable with your doctor. You need to be able to express your goals and concerns, and know your doctor is listening to you. Every patient is different. I meet with my patients personally. Together, we review what you would like to achieve. Based on your goals, I then review procedure options, risks, and the postoperative course. A natural appearing result is emphasized, and safety is always my highest priority. I value my relationship with my patients. It is part of what makes my job so rewarding.