Rhinoplasty is a nose-reshaping procedure that could improve and enhance the appearance of your nose — from its size in relation to the rest of your face to size and position of the nostrils to your overall nasal profile. If you have made the decision to undergo rhinoplasty in Minneapolis, consider the following guidelines in preparing for the procedure. These recommendations will help reduce the occurrence of risks and possible complications.

How to Prepare for Your Rhinoplasty

  • Avoid ingesting the following drugs and alternative remedies at least 2 weeks before your scheduled rhinoplasty: ibuprofen or similar medications, aspirin, ginseng, Vitamin E supplements, and ginkgo biloba. They tend to increase your chances of bleeding following surgery.
  • On the evening before your surgery, you should not eat or drink something unless your surgeon says so.
  • Quit smoking weeks or months before the procedure. Smoking heavily compromises blood flow and could delay the healing process. The same goes for alcohol consumption.
  • Have someone drive you to your surgery’s venue. And you should have company 24 to 48 hours following surgery as you may be groggy post-procedure and will most likely require assistance.
  • Have some loose and comfortable clothing with you.

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